Rare flower names for girl

Top Rare flower names for girl


  • Fleurel
  • Rebecca (Rebecca’s World)
  • Emory (Emory Paul)
  • Diana (Diana’s Memory)
  • Eveline
  • Veronne (Veronne’s Obsidian)
  • Sincerity

More Names of Flowers Rare flower names for girl

Rose (along with Rosie, Rosa, Rosalie, Rosemary etc.)

Lily (along with Lillian, Lillie, Lilia etc.)

Cynthia — Two flowered cynthia is a wildflower


Veronica — Veronica is also known as speedwell


 Susan — Along with Suzanne, Susannah; means “lily”

 Daphne — Another term for laurel

. Violet

Origin: English and Greek

Meaning: Another name for Artemis, the Greek moon goddess

Description: Yellow dandelion-like flowers


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