A flower name is simply the name given to a specific type of flower. Flowers can have a wide variety of names, depending on their species, variety, and cultivar. Some flowers are named after their color, shape, or scent, while others may be named after a person or place. For example, the red rose is named after its color, while the Iris is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Flower names are often used in various contexts, including gardening, floristry, horticulture, and botany. They may be used to identify and classify different species of flowers, or simply as a means of describing and appreciating the beauty of nature. Some popular flower names include rose, lily, tulip, daisy, and orchid, but there are countless other types of flowers, each with its own unique name and characteristics.


  1. Acacia: Symbolizes friendship and love.
  2. Acanthus: Symbolizes enduring life.
  3. Aconite: Symbolizes misanthropy.
  4. African Lily: Symbolizes rebirth.
  5. Agapanthus: Symbolizes love and appreciation.
  6. Agave: Symbolizes endurance and strength.
  7. Alstroemeria: Symbolizes devotion and friendship.
  8. Alyssum: Symbolizes beauty and charm.
  9. Amaryllis: Symbolizes pride and radiant beauty.
  10. Ambrosia: Symbolizes love returned.
  11. Anemone: Symbolizes anticipation and fragile beauty.
  12. Angelica: Symbolizes inspiration and magic.
  13. Anthurium: Symbolizes hospitality.
  14. Arborvitae: Symbolizes unchanging friendship.
  15. Arbutus: Symbolizes undying love.
  16. Aster: Symbolizes patience and elegance.
  17. Azalea: Symbolizes love and happiness.
  18. Baby’s Breath: Symbolizes innocence and purity.
  19. Bachelor’s Button: Symbolizes hope and anticipation.
  20. Balsam: Symbolizes impatience.
  21. Begonia: Symbolizes deep thoughts.
  22. Belladonna Lily: Symbolizes solitude.
  23. Bird of Paradise: Symbolizes joyfulness.
  24. Black-Eyed Susan: Symbolizes encouragement.
  25. Bleeding Heart: Symbolizes deep emotion.
  26. Bluebell: Symbolizes humility and constancy.
  27. Bougainvillea: Symbolizes passion and enthusiasm.
  28. Buttercup: Symbolizes radiance and joyfulness.
  29. Calendula: Symbolizes sacred affection.
  30. Calla Lily: Symbolizes magnificence and beauty.
  31. Camellia: Symbolizes gratitude and excellence.
  32. Canterbury Bells: Symbolizes constancy.
  33. Carnation: Symbolizes admiration and love.
  34. Catmint: Symbolizes peace.
  35. Chrysanthemum: Symbolizes love and truth.
  36. Clematis: Symbolizes mental beauty.
  37. Clover: Symbolizes good luck.
  38. Columbine: Symbolizes foolishness.
  39. Coneflower: Symbolizes strength.
  40. Coral Bells: Symbolizes humility.
  41. Cornflower: Symbolizes delicacy.
  42. Cosmos: Symbolizes order and harmony.
  43. Crocus: Symbolizes youthfulness.
  44. Daffodil: Symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.
  45. Dahlia: Symbolizes dignity and elegance.
  46. Daisy: Symbolizes purity and innocence.
  47. Dandelion: Symbolizes faithfulness and happiness.
  48. Delphinium: Symbolizes divine grace.
  49. Dianthus: Symbolizes love and affection.
  50. Dogwood: Symbolizes durability and resilience.
  51. Easter Lily: Symbolizes purity and hope.
  52. Echinacea: Symbolizes strength and health.
  53. Edelweiss: Symbolizes courage and devotion.
  54. Elderberry: Symbolizes compassion.
  55. Elephant’s Ear: Symbolizes memory.
  56. English Ivy: Symbolizes fidelity and friendship.
  57. Eucalyptus: Symbolizes healing and protection.
  58. Forget-Me-Not: Symbolizes true love and faithfulness.
  59. Foxglove: Symbolizes insincerity.
  60. Freesia: Symbolizes innocence and friendship.
  61. Gardenia: Symbolizes purity and joy.
  62. Geranium: Symbolizes comfort and gentility.
  63. Gladiolus: Symbolizes strength and honor.
  64. Goldenrod: Symbolizes encouragement and motivation.
  65. Gypsophila: Symbolizes everlasting love.
  66. Hellebore: Symbolizes
Flowers English Hindi
1. Rose गुलाब
2. lotus flower Lotus कमल
3. jasmine flower Jasmine चमेली
4. Sunflower Sunflower सूरजमुखी
5. daisy flower Daisy गुलबहार
6. Tulip Flower Tulip कन्द पुष्प
7. magnolia flower Magnolia चम्पा
8. Lavender flower Lavender लैवेंडर
9. balsam flower Balsam गुल मेहँदी
10. Flax flower Flax पटसन
11. butterfly pea flower Butterfly Pea अपराजिता
12. Crossandra flower Crossandra अबोली
13. Golden Shower flower Golden Shower अमलतास
14. Forest Ghost Flower Forest Ghost आँकुरी बाँकुरी
15. yellow marigold flower Yellow Marigold गेंदे का फूल
16. Pot Marigold Pot Marigold गुले अशर्फ़ी
17. Star Jasmine Star Jasmine कुंद पुष्प
18. Night Blooming Jasmine flower Night Blooming Jasmine रात की रानी
19. Jasminum Sambac flower Jasminum Sambac मोगरा
20. Crape Jasmine flower Crape Jasmine चांदनी फूल
21. White Frangipani flower White Frangipani गुलैन्ची
22. hibiscus flower Hibiscus गुड़हल का फूल
23. Peacock Flower Peacock Flower गुलेतूरा फूल
24. daisy flower Daisy गुलबहार का फूल
25. Scarlet Milkweed Scarlet Milkweed काकतुण्डी
26. Black Turmeric Flower Black Turmeric काली हल्दी
27. Cobra Saffron flower Cobra Saffron नाग चम्पा
28. yellow Oleander Yellow Oleander पीला कनेर
29. Chandramallika flower Chandramallika चंद्रमल्लिका
30. Periwinkle flower Periwinkle सदाबहार
31. Puncture Vine Puncture Vine गोखरू
32. Blue Water Lily flower Blue Water Lily नीलकमल
33. Aloe Vera Flower Aloe Vera Flower घृत कुमारी
34. Shameplant Shameplant छूईमूई
35. Chamomile flower Chamomile बबुने का फुल
36. Delonix Regia flower Delonix Regia गुलमोहर
37. Night Flowering Jasmine flower Night Flowering Jasmine हरसिंगार
38. Hiptage flower Hiptage माधवी पुष्प
39. Murraya flower Murraya कामिनी
40. Narcissus flower Narcissus नर्गिस
41. Pandanus flower Pandanus केवड़ा
42. Sweet Violet Sweet Violet बनफशा का फूल
43. poppy flower Poppy Flower खसखस
44. Grand Crinum Lily flower Grand Crinum Lily नागदमनी
45. Mexican Prickly Poppy Prickly Pear नागफनी
46. Creeper Flower Creeper मधु मालती
47. Stramonium Stramonium सफ़ेद धतुरा
48. Hollyhock Flower Hollyhock गुलखैरा
49. Dahlia Flower Dahlia डेहलिया
50. Lady’s slipper orchid Lady’s slipper orchid आर्किड फूल
51. Foxtail Orchid Foxtail Orchid द्रौपदी माला
52. Pansy flower Pansy बनफूल
53. Blue Star flower Bluestar Flower असोनिया
54. Butea Monosperma flower Butea Monosperma पलाश के फुल
55. Primrose Flower Primrose बसन्ती गुलाब
56. Purple Passion Flower Purple Passion झुमका लता
57. Indian Tulip Flower Indian Tulip पारस पीपल
58. Zombi Pea flower Zombi Pea जंगली मूंग
59. Siroi Lily Millingtonia Hortensis नीम चमेली
60. Orchid flower Orchid ऑर्किड
61. Blue Star flower Star Glory कामलता फूल
62. indigo flower Indigo Flower नील फूल
63. Lilac flower Lilac बकाइन
64. Queen Crape Myrtle Queen Crape Myrtle जरुल
65. Blue Morning Glory Blue Morning Glory प्रातः श्री
66. Blue Morning Glory Picotee Blue Morning Glory पॉटोटी ब्लू मॉर्निंग ग्लोरी
67. Tanner’s Cassia Tanner’s Cassia तरवड़
68. Bougainvillea Bougainvillea बूगनबेल
69. Glory Lily Glory Lily बचनाग
70. Brahma Kamal Brahma Kamal ब्रह्मकमल
71. Burr Mallow Burr Mallow बिचता
72. Blue Fountain Bush Blue Fountain Bush भरंगी
73. Burmann’s Sundew Burmann’s Sundew मुखजली
74. Spanish Cherry Spanish Cherry मौलश्री का पुष्प
75. Ixora Coccinea Ixora Coccinea रुग्मिनी
76. Mountain Laurel Mountain Laurel माउंटेन लॉरेल
77. Mexican Tuberose Mexican Tuberose रजनीगन्धा
78. Common Lantana Common Lantana राईमुनिया
79. Rohira Rohira रोहेड़ा
80. Cockscomb Cockscomb लाल मुर्ग़ा
81. Mexican Prickly Poppy Mexican Prickly Poppy सत्यानाशी
82. Showy Rattlepod Showy Rattlepod सन्नी
83. Crown Crown सफ़ैद आक
84. Canna Lily Canna Lily सर्वज्जय
85. Common Crape Myrtle Common Crape Myrtle सावनी
86. Siroi Lily Siroi Lily सिरोय कुमुदिनी
87. Ashok Flower Ashok Flower सीता अशोक
88. Golden Frangipani Golden Frangipani सोन चम्पा
89. Monsoon lily Monsoon lily सफ़ेद मुस्ली
90. Orange Tiger Lily Orange Tiger Lily नारंगी बाघ लिली
91. Blood Lily Blood Lily रक्त लिली
92. Asiatic Lily Asiatic Lily लिलि
93. Ranunculus Flower Ranunculus Flower रनंगक्यलस फूल
94. Hypericum flower Hypericum flower हाइपेरिकम फूल
95. Columbine Flower Columbine Flower कालंबिन फूल
96. Mirabilis Jalapa Mirabilis Jalapa मिराबिलिस जालपा
97. Anemone Flower Anemone Flower रत्नज्योति फूल
98. Plumeria Plumeria प्लमेरिया
99. tuberose Flower tuberose Flower कंद फूल
100. bluebell flower bluebell flower नीला फूल

How many types of flowers name?

There are many types of flowers in the world, and it is difficult to give an exact number as new varieties are constantly being discovered and created through breeding and hybridization. However, here are some of the most common and popular types of flowers:

  1. Rose
  2. Tulip
  3. Lily
  4. Sunflower
  5. Daisy
  6. Orchid
  7. Hydrangea
  8. Carnation
  9. Peony
  10. Chrysanthemum
  11. Iris
  12. Gerbera
  13. Dahlia
  14. Gladiolus
  15. Marigold
  16. Zinnia
  17. Poppy
  18. Lavender
  19. Amaryllis
  20. Daffodil
  21. Snapdragon
  22. Sweet pea
  23. Cosmos
  24. Petunia
  25. Pansy

This is just a small sample of the many types of flowers that exist in the world. There are countless other varieties, each with their own unique colors, shapes, and fragrances.

40 Flowers Name

  1. Rose
  2. Lily
  3. Sunflower
  4. Daisy
  5. Tulip
  6. Daffodil
  7. Peony
  8. Iris
  9. Hydrangea
  10. Pansy
  11. Marigold
  12. Poppy
  13. Chrysanthemum
  14. Zinnia
  15. Petunia
  16. Orchid
  17. Camellia
  18. Carnation
  19. Sweet pea
  20. Lavender
  21. Snapdragon
  22. Bleeding heart
  23. Black-eyed Susan
  24. Coneflower
  25. Geranium
  26. Hollyhock
  27. Jasmine
  28. Narcissus
  29. Queen Anne’s lace
  30. Sweet William
  31. Bluebell
  32. Canterbury bells
  33. Cosmos
  34. Foxglove
  35. Honeysuckle
  36. Morning glory
  37. Snowdrop
  38. Verbena
  39. Water lily
  40. Yarrow

English Hindi Scientific
Rose गुलाब Rosa
Lotus कमल Nelumbo nucifera
Jasmine चमेली Jasminum
Sunflower सूरजमुखी Helianthus
Daisy गुलबहार Bellis perennis
Tulip कन्द पुष्प Tulipa
Magnolia चम्पा Magnolia grandiflora
Lavender लैवेंडर Lavandula
Balsam गुल मेहँदी Impatiens
Flax पटसन Linum usitatissimum
Butterfly Pea अपराजिता Clitoria ternatea
Crossandra अबोली infundibuliformis
Golden Shower अमलतास Cassia fistula
Forest Ghost आँकुरी बाँकुरी Aeginetia indica
Yellow Marigold गेंदे का फूल Tagetes
Pot Marigold गुले अशर्फ़ी Calendula officinalis
Star Jasmine कुंद पुष्प Trachelospermum jasminoides
Night Blooming Jasmine रात की रानी Cestrum nocturnum
Primrose बसन्ती गुलाब Primula vulgaris
Crape Jasmine चांदनी फूल Tabernaemontana divaricata
Common White Frangipani गुलैन्ची Plumeria rubra
Hibiscus गुड़हल का फूल rosa-sinensis
Peacock Flower गुलेतूरा फूल Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Zombi Pea जंगली मूंग Vigna vexillata
Scarlet Milkweed काकतुण्डी Asclepias curassavica
Black Turmeric काली हल्दी Curcuma caesia
Cobra Saffron नाग चम्पा mesua ferrea
Yellow Oleander पीला कनेर Cascabela thevetia
Chandramallika चंद्रमल्लिका Chrysanthemum
Periwinkle सदाबहार Catharanthus roseus
Puncture Vine गोखरू Tribulus terrestris
Blue Water Lily नीलकमल Nymphaea caerulea
Aloe Vera Flower घृत कुमारी Aloe barbadensis miller
Shameplant छूईमूई Mimosa pudica
Chamomile बबुने का फुल Matricaria chamomilla
Delonix Regia गुलमोहर royal poinciana
Hiptage माधवी पुष्प benghalensis
Murraya कामिनी Murraya paniculata
Narcissus नर्गिस Pseudonarcissus
Pandanus केवड़ा Pandanus tectorius
Sweet Violet बनफशा का फूल Viola odorata
Poppy Flower खसखस Papaver
Grand Crinum Lily नागदमनी Crinum asiaticum
Prickly Pear नागफनी Opuntia
Stramonium सफ़ेद धतुरा Datura stramonium
Hollyhock गुलखैरा Alcea
Dahlia डेहलिया Alcea rosea
Foxtail Orchid द्रौपदी माला Rhynchostylis
Pansy बनफूल Viola tricolor var. hortensis
Bluestar Flower असोनिया Amsonia

Ten Flowers Name

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and each flower has its own unique beauty and charm. Flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have a deep symbolic meaning, and are often used to express emotions and feelings. In this article, we will explore the top ten flowers and their meanings.

  1. Rose – The rose is probably the most well-known flower and is often associated with love and romance. Different colors of roses have different meanings, with red roses symbolizing love and passion, white roses representing purity and innocence, and yellow roses representing friendship and joy.
  2. Lily – The lily is another popular flower and is often associated with purity, grace, and devotion. Different colors of lilies also have different meanings, with white lilies symbolizing purity and innocence, while pink lilies represent love and admiration.
  3. Orchid – The orchid is a beautiful and exotic flower that is often associated with luxury, beauty, and strength. In ancient times, the orchid was a symbol of fertility and virility, and was believed to have the power to enhance one’s beauty and strength.
  4. Sunflower – The sunflower is a bright and cheerful flower that is often associated with happiness and positivity. It symbolizes adoration, loyalty, and longevity, and is also often associated with the sun and its life-giving properties.
  5. Tulip – The tulip is a delicate and graceful flower that is often associated with elegance and grace. Different colors of tulips have different meanings, with red tulips symbolizing true love, yellow tulips representing cheerfulness and sunshine, and purple tulips representing royalty and admiration.
  6. Daisy – The daisy is a simple and charming flower that is often associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It is also often used to symbolize true love and loyalty, making it a popular choice for weddings and romantic occasions.
  7. Peony – The peony is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is often associated with romance, prosperity, and good fortune. In Chinese culture, the peony is known as the “king of flowers” and is a symbol of wealth, honor, and happiness.
  8. Hydrangea – The hydrangea is a unique and striking flower that is often associated with grace, beauty, and abundance. It is also often used to symbolize heartfelt emotions, making it a popular choice for weddings and other romantic occasions.
  9. Iris – The iris is a beautiful and regal flower that is often associated with wisdom, faith, and hope. It is also often used to symbolize friendship and admiration, making it a popular choice for gift-giving.
  10. Magnolia – The magnolia is a fragrant and beautiful flower that is often associated with femininity, purity, and love of nature. It is also often used to symbolize strength and perseverance, making it a popular choice for inspirational gifts.

Blue Flowers Name 

  1. Bluebells
  2. Blue Lupine
  3. Blue Iris
  4. Blue Delphinium
  5. Blue Salvia
  6. Blue Anemone
  7. Blue Columbine
  8. Blue Pansy
  9. Blue Cornflower
  10. Blue Forget-Me-Not
  11. Blue Hyacinth
  12. Bluebell Vine
  13. Blue Poppy
  14. Blue Thistle
  15. Blue Verbena
  16. Blue Bachelor Button
  17. Blue Sage
  18. Blue Lobelia
  19. Bluebottle
  20. Blue Spiderwort.

Winter Flowers Names

  1. Poinsettia
  2. Christmas rose
  3. Cyclamen
  4. Winter jasmine
  5. Hellebore
  6. Snowdrop
  7. Camellia
  8. Christmas cactus
  9. Winter aconite
  10. Winterberry
  11. Witch hazel
  12. Iceland poppy
  13. Lenten rose
  14. Glory of the snow
  15. Winter pansy
  16. Sweet box
  17. Mahonia
  18. Winter heather
  19. Christmas orchid
  20. Christmas berry (also known as Holly).

Purple and white flowers name

Here are some purple and white flowers names with details:

  1. Lavender (Lavandula): This herbaceous perennial plant produces fragrant purple-blue flowers and white or gray-green foliage. It blooms in summer and is often used in aromatherapy, as well as for decorative purposes.
  2. Clematis: Clematis is a climbing vine that produces large, showy flowers in shades of purple and white. It blooms from early summer to early fall and is often used to cover fences, trellises, and walls.
  3. Iris: Iris is a tall, elegant plant that produces large, showy flowers in shades of purple and white. It blooms in late spring and early summer and is often used in flower arrangements and garden borders.
  4. Lilac (Syringa vulgaris): This fragrant shrub produces large clusters of purple and white flowers in spring. It is often used as a hedge or a specimen plant in gardens.
  5. Hydrangea: Hydrangea is a large, bushy plant that produces large, showy flowers in shades of purple, white, and pink. It blooms in summer and is often used as a cut flower or in flower arrangements.
  6. Salvia: Salvia is a tall, spiky plant that produces purple and white flowers in summer. It is often used in flower beds and borders, as well as for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.
  7. Allium: Allium is a bulbous plant that produces large, spherical flowers in shades of purple and white. It blooms in late spring and early summer and is often used in flower arrangements.

Flowers with bells in the name

Here are some flowers with “bells” in their name:

  1. Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta): Bluebells are bell-shaped flowers that bloom in shades of blue and purple in the spring.
  2. Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia): Harebells are delicate, blue-violet bell-shaped flowers that bloom in late summer.
  3. Canterbury Bells (Campanula medium): Canterbury Bells are bell-shaped flowers that come in shades of blue, pink, and white. They bloom in the summer and can grow up to three feet tall.
  4. Bellflower (Campanula): Bellflowers are a group of flowers that come in various shades of blue, purple, and white. They are named for their bell-shaped flowers and can bloom in the spring, summer, or fall.
  5. Coral Bells (Heuchera sanguinea): Coral Bells are not actually bell-shaped, but they are named for their bell-like appearance. They produce spikes of small, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red, or white in the spring or early summer.
  6. Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis): Lily of the Valley is a fragrant, bell-shaped flower that blooms in the spring. It has small, white, drooping flowers that are often used in bridal bouquets.
  7. Bluebells of Scotland (Campanula rotundifolia): This variety of bellflower is native to Scotland and produces delicate, blue-violet, bell-shaped flowers in the summer.
  8. Bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora): Bellwort is a spring-blooming plant that produces drooping, bell-shaped yellow flowers.
  9. Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis): Snowdrops are small, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring. They have drooping, white petals with green markings on the inside.
  10. Lily-of-the-Valley Bush (Pieris japonica): Lily-of-the-Valley Bush is an evergreen shrub that produces clusters of bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red, or white in the spring.

Famous Flowers name

There are countless beautiful and famous flowers around the world that have captured the hearts and imaginations of people for centuries. Here are some of the most famous flowers that are loved and admired by people from all over the world:

  1. Cherry Blossom – The cherry blossom is a flower that is widely admired and celebrated in Japan, where it is known as “Sakura.” These delicate pink flowers bloom in early spring and are a symbol of new beginnings and the fleeting beauty of life.
  2. Lotus – The lotus flower is a sacred symbol in many cultures and religions around the world, including Hinduism and Buddhism. This beautiful flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.
  3. Sunflower – The sunflower is a cheerful and vibrant flower that is loved for its bright yellow petals and tall stature. These flowers symbolize loyalty, adoration, and longevity.
  4. Tulip – The tulip is a popular flower that is native to Central Asia and Turkey. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors, and different colors of tulips have different symbolic meanings, such as red tulips representing true love and purple tulips symbolizing royalty and admiration.
  5. Rose – The rose is perhaps the most famous and beloved flower in the world. These beautiful flowers come in many different colors, and each color has a different symbolic meaning. Red roses represent love and passion, white roses symbolize purity and innocence, and yellow roses represent friendship and joy.
  6. Jasmine – The jasmine flower is a sweetly scented flower that is native to tropical regions around the world. These beautiful flowers symbolize purity, grace, and elegance.
  7. Daffodil – The daffodil is a cheerful and bright yellow flower that is often associated with springtime and new beginnings. These flowers symbolize rebirth, hope, and happiness.
  8. Peony – The peony is a popular flower in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, where it is known as the “king of flowers.” These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors and are often associated with romance, prosperity, and good fortune.
  9. Magnolia – The magnolia is a fragrant and beautiful flower that is native to the southeastern United States and parts of Asia. These flowers symbolize femininity, purity, and love of nature.
  10. Iris – The iris is a regal and elegant flower that is often associated with royalty and wisdom. These flowers come in a variety of colors and are often used to symbolize friendship and admiration.